Thursday, June 10, 2010

What happened to

We are extremely sad to share with you that Blogger has closed down our Main Blog - "Olive Juice Studio" found at We apologize for this VERY unexpected inconvenience and any frustration it may have caused you trying to access our site. Believe me, we are just as frustrated, if not more!!! Blogger's spambot software accidentally flagged our blog as a SPAM SITE due to a sudden increase in traffic on June 1st and June 2nd and thus shutdown our entire blog. OJS is NOT a spam site -it's a craft site and we are actively trying to resolve this issue.

It has been nine full days now with no assistance from Blogger. We refuse to play the waiting game any longer and have decided that Blogger is NOT the blogging platform we want to work with any longer. We are currently in the process of setting up an official Olive Juice Studio website.
Until we can get someone from Blogger to review our blog manually to remove this error, we are unable to retrieve any of our content. We also have no way of contacting our followers/readers to let them know what is going on. If you know of anyone trying to access OJS PLEASE help us by spreading the word.

Our NEW website URL is:

Please help us out by telling your online friends that we have moved to a new location. If you would be so kind to post our new URL on your blog/website we would be forever grateful for your kindness!

We are still moving content to our new website and are just in the beginning phases of setting it up BUT you are more than welcome to stop by! Please overlook our mess during this "construction" period - We have very little "decor" at the moment but are digligently working on our new site -We have a lot of work to do! We are confident that OJS will be a much better site with more to offer in the near future.

Thank you so much for trying to find OJS! I sure miss seeing all of you!

Olive OJS followers, don't you?

x Kim

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Instructions for Our Holy Cow Card

 Holy Cow...

(Inside reads) You're Udderly Amazing!!!
An Olive Juice Studio original designed especially for Memory Miser customers!!!  Subscribe to their electronic newletter by visiting their website to receive your own project instructions! This is a unique card made from two card bases with the backs glued together.  The card is small but by providing the second attached card you now have all kinds of room to write a note -telling the special person you are thanking just how moooooooooo'ved you are! :-)

Cricut Machine
Create a Critter Cricut Cartridge
Wild Card (or George and DS, or any other cartridge that  has a circle that you can weld!)
Golden Yellow cardstock
Black cardstock
Red  and white polka dot paper by Jenni Bowlin
Light pink, white and black Bazzill Bling paper scraps
Green patterened paper scraps for grass
Medium Brown cardstock
two buttons (we used a clear purple and clear yellow!)
green wire (found in the jewlery isle at Joanns)
pop dots (or dimensionals!)
yellow fabric scrap (we used flannel!)
computer and Microsoft Publisher (or any stamped image or Cricut cut word/phrase!)
White inkpen
Pink Dew Drops Ink
Tim Holtz Distress Tea Dye Ink Pad 
Favorite Adhesive
Paper Cutter

 1.  Using the Cricut cartridge "Wild Card" handbook flip to page 48.  Find the circle card in "blackout"  This is what is used to make your card base and layers. If you have Design Studio (or Gypsy) and George or any other cartridge that has a circle you can weld two circles together for your base card.  The instructions listed are based on the blackout circle found in "Wild Card."
Here are your cuts using the "blackout" feature:
       a.  Golden Yellow cardstock- cut at 4 1/4"
       b.  Black Cardstock - Cut at 4"
       c.  Red and White Polka Dot paper - Cut at 3 3/4"
2.  Cut the Red and White Polka Dot paper in half along the fold line.  Set aside one circle for another project or for a second card.
3.  Using your preferred paper scoring tool, score and fold the cards in half.
4.  Glue the back of the black card to the center of the front of the yellow card.  (See photo above)
5.  Using ink the edges of the polka dot paper using the Tea Dye Distress Ink by Tim Holtz.
6.  Adhere the polka dot circle to the top of the black circle while lining up the straight edge of the polka dot paper with the black cardstock.
7.  Insert the "Create a Critter" Cricut cartridge. Referring to your handbook, flip to page 60 and find the cow.   Set your machine to 1 3/4".  You will be cutting all three layers of the cow.  (I'm not sure about your cartridge but my cartridge is labeled incorrectly for the cow - the Layer 1 is actually the blackout of the cow on my cartridge but the handbook shows the top layer of the cow with the circle cutouts. Layer 2 in my handbook shows the blackout of the cow but is really the cow with the circle cutouts.  All-in-all if you're handbook is also incorrect just draw a line with arrows at either end to remind you that it's backwards!)  I hope that made sense! :-)
Here's what you need to cut:
      a.  Brown Cardstock - Select "Layer 2" (or possibly Layer 1 if your handbook is correct!)
      b.  White Cardstock - Select "Layer 1" (or possibly Layer 2 if your handbook is correct!)
      c.  Black Cardstock - Select just the BASE cut - that's the cut in the orange box in your
           handbook or the cow on the keypad overlay without using a feature key.     
      d.  Pink Cardstock - Select "Layer 3" and cut the cow's mouth/nose and udders.
8.  Assemble the cow pieces using pop dots (dimensionals) between  all layers- brown on the bottom, black in the center and white on the top.  Ink and glue together.  Attach the udders and the nose/mouth piece.
9. Cut two strips of paper from a scrap of green patterned paper.  Approximately 2 1/4" long.  Using your scissors, cut strips to make grass.  Do this to both pieces and then stack a little off-centered and attach using pop dots (dimensionals) between the two layers.
10.  Cut a 1" or so sized circle from yellow fabric.  Ink if desired.
11. Wrap a piece of green wire around a pin or something thin to achieve a tight springy effect leaving enough uncurled wire at the end of each piece to thread through the button.  Do this twice for two flower stems.  Slip  each piece of wire through a button - the two holed buttons work best for this!
12.  Print out the sentiment "Holy Cow" and "You're Udderly Amazing" on the white cardstock.  Cut with scissors and ink edges.
12.  Attach all pieces to the card front.  Attach the sun to the upper right side of card, then the cow  using more pop dots (dimensionals).  Attach the grass to the bottom of the cow so it looks like he is standing in it.  Use pop dots (dimensionals) for the grass too.  Glue the flower stems in the grass in front of the cow and arrange to achieve desired look.  Add the sentiment to the front ( we didn't use pop dots for this but you can!) Add the inside sentiment to the inside of the black card.  Decorate the inside with any remaining pieces.
13.  Add dots/dashes with a white gel pen for extra pizazz!

Instructions for 3-D Shadow Box Card w/ Tag - "Wear a Smile...One Size Fits All!"

Wear a Smile...

(Tag reads) One Size Fits All!
(Instructions will be posted soon!)