Sunday, February 7, 2010

RECYCLED ART...First a Gift Box..then...A Decoration!

Make this super easy, affordable & adorable swanky little treasure that can be used as a gift box,  a decoration to hang from your door knob or any other special little area in your home! It's just the perfect size
to slip a few handmade cards, tags, gift card or any other small trinkets into!

To make this little box you will need a Rice-a-Roni box, or any other brand box similar in size and shape.

Cricut Cartride:  Love Struck
1 Rice-a-Roni Box (or any other brand of rice or any other size box that is comparable in size
1 12x12 piece of patterned sheet music paper
Tim Holtz Walnut Stain Ink - I used the Walnut refillable ink that comes in a bottle
Black paper scraps
Black Stickles
Pop Dots (dimensionals)
Preferred Adhesive
Black Ribbon or fabric to go around the top of the box
Coordinating black ribbon for handle
Emery Board or piece of sand paper
Wine colored feather - or any other desired color
Scrap piece of black tulle
Black Staz-On Ink OR black/cream colored paint to match paper background
Mod Podge or any other decoupage glue
Small piece of velcro

First begin by painting the edges and bottom of the box if you don't want the recipient to know you are using packaging  from your recycling bin!  I typically choose to only ink the edges and top of the box and leave the bottom visible (you would see the Rice-a-Roni packaging on the bottom if you flipped the box over).  Next you need to measure all four sides of the box, including the top flap of the box. I have made several of the boxes and have found that different brands measure a little differently so make sure to measure all four sides.  Then cut your paper to fit the dimensions of the box, including a seperate piece for the top flap. 

Before adhering the paper to the box, use the refillable ink (or even coffee/tea staining will work too!) to antique the paper.  I used a dash of Collage Pauge (it's just like Modge Podge!), a drop of ink and several drops of water (you want it to be the consistency of water) to make the solution. With the paper in one hand and the ink mixture in the other, hold the paper over a sink or other work surface and pour the mixture over the paper.  Hold the paper upright to let the solution run down the paper so that it has drips running down it. Quickly before the ink dries, run the entire piece of paper under the faucet and take a clean foam brush or a paper towel and blot the paper to lift the color off in some areas.  Once you have the desired look set it aside to dry. Once the paper has dried you will notice that it is warped and wrinkled in areas.  This is okay and the look we're after. :)

After the paper is complety dry, score the paper to fit all four sides of the box.  Crease and then glue to the box.  Using an emery board or sandpaper, lightly sand the edges (top, bottom and all four sides) to smooth the edges.  Using a medium brown tone of ink, lightly ink all of the edges of the box.  Next, completely cover the outside of the box with a light coat of decoupage glue.  Let dry. 

Now we're going to add the ribbon/fabric border to the very top.  Measure a piece to fit around the box and glue to attach.  Cut another piece of coordinating ribbon to fit the box for the handle and attach with brads or glue to the inside of the box (I glued the handles in place on the box shown above).  Cut the ribbon into two pieces and tie a bow at the top. 

Using the Love Struck Cricut cartridge and black paper cut the heart with the man and woman's heads and the solid (blackout) heart shown directly underneath it on the keypad overlay. Both hearts were cut at 3".  Stack the hearts with dimensionals (Pop Dots) and attach to box front with more dimensionals.  Add black Stickles around the top heart for extra bling.  Tie a small scrap piece of black tulle and attach to the upper corner of the Add dots of black Stickles to the tulle.  Slip a small wine colored feather underneath the heart so just the top of the feather shows.

Glue a piece of velcro to the top lid to hold the lid in place or if you don't want to bother with the box top, it can be removed completely so that the box looks more like a gift bag. :)

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