Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RECIPE for "Soar" A Tussie Mussie With Attitude! (A Cricut Project!)

Oh goodness!!!  We're trying to make a video tutorial for this project but halfway through the recording we keep getting an error message.  It's frustrating!  For now, since so many people have asked how I did this I will post instructions here and then add a video if we get this camera working.

Cricut Expression
"Tie the Knot" Cricut cartridge
"Indie Art" Solutions Cartridge
1 12X12 Jenni Bowlin Vintage Black Bookprint paper
1 12x12 off-white cardstock
1 12x12 black cardstock
Light pink ruffled ribbon trim (We bought ours at Joanns!)
Black elastic ruffled ribbon/trim (We bought ours at Hobby Lobby!)
1 metal flower embellie (or make one with your Cricut!)
2 silver eyelets large enough to slide wire for handle through
1/2 yard black tulle
6 pieces of silver wire with silver beaded ends (We found these in the Christmas isles around the holidays.  If you don't have the same thing it's okay because you can make your own by slipping a silver bead, or any bead/button of your choice on the end of a piece of wire.  Just twist the wire around to secure the bead!)
White Pen
12" Beaded garland (This was also found in the Christmas Isles but I have since seen it available at Hobby Lobby in the Home Decor department in a variety of colors.  Pinks and Blues are also available in the Spring Decor area too!)  If you can't find this in a store near you don't fret!  This can easily be made too! Use up some of those beads you keep buying and have been meaning to use in one of your projects!  Simply use fishline, jewlery wire, etc to string th beads.  Do three strands and randomly twist together.  OR, just use ribbon or any other item that would make an awesome hanger!)
Your Preferred Adhesive (I used a hot glue gun on the entire project!)
Your Preferred eyelet setter ( I used a Crop-A-Dile!)


1.Using your Cricut Expression and "Tie the Knot" cartridge cut the cone (see photo below!) using the "Fit to Size" button.
2. Using the off-white paper and the "Indie Art"  Solutions cartridge cut the wings (see photo below).  Select the "blackout" feature since this will be the bottom layer of the wings.  I cut mine at 6 1/2".

When cutting the wings you will need to either use the "flip" button and cut the base cut 2x or select the shift key for the opposite side.)

3.Next, make sure the "blackout" feature is no longer hightlighted.  Now load the black paper onto the mat to cut the base cut of the wings.  Again, cut the wings at 6 1/2".

Now comes the fun part!

4.  Adhere the two layers of wings together.  Using your white pen, add accents in random dots around the edges of the top layer.
5.  Next, grab the cone you just cut from the bookprint paper and form a cone shape. The scalloped edge is the top of the cone.  Adhere to hold shape.  (I used dots of hot glue along the seam!) PLEASE NOTE:  If you find this cone is too large, simply roll the cone a bit tighter.  The tulle in the inside will hide the extra paper - OR (of course) just cut it at a smaller size! :)
6.  Cut a piece of the light pink ruffled ribbon to go around the cone approximately a 1/4 of the way down from the top.  Next, cut the black stretchy ruffled trim/ribbon the same size as the pink ribbon.  Using a hot glue gun (or your preferred adhesive!) glue the black ribbon to the top edge of the pink ribbon to give the ribbon a layered look.  Attach to the cone by gluing in dots with the seam centered in the back.  
7.  Now it's time to attach the wings.  Before gluing, carefully crease the wings  by bending them upward to give them a more 3D effect once attached to the cone.  (If this doesn't make sense let me know and I will post a photo of this step!)
8.  Attach the wings to the back of the cone so that the placement covers the ribbon seams.  Carefully attach the second wing so that it lines up with the first.
9.  Using your preferred eyelet setter( I used a Crop-A-Dile), set an eyelet on both sides of the cone - approximately a 1/2" from the top.
10. Attach the beaded handle by threading the wire/string through the eyelets and twisting or tying.
11. While holding all six pieces of beaded wire, twist the ends together. Squirt a small dab of hot glue  inside of the bottom of the cone opening while carefully pushing the twisted wire ends into the the cone. Hold until glue sets.
12. Attach your desired embellie to the front of the tussie mussie (I used a metal flower embellie that I had in my stash and added the pink bead to the center!) 
13.  Bunch up the black tulle and place inside the cone fluffing and rearranging  so that it's fancy schmancy!
14. Last but not least....using the white pen, wrap each scallop at the top of the cone around the pen to form "petals."

OPTIONAL:  Ink the edges of the wings, cone, etc... or use Glimmer Mist to give your whole tussie mussie some extra pizazz!



  1. Waiting anxiously for the instructions!!! Beautiful project!!


  2. Can't wait for the instructions! Love this project!


  3. What a great project... I can envision this with paper-pieced flowers from Walk in My Garden too! While I do have almost 30 Cricut carts...wouldn't you know that I don't have either one of these called for to make this project :-( Anyhow...yours is FANTASTIC!! :-)