Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A "Just Because" Card for a Friend Using Cricut cartridges Once Upon a Princess and Beyond Birthdays

Recipe for "Hello Friend..."
“Hello Friend”

It’s an Olive Juice Studio Original created exclusively for Memory Miser Customers!

A cute and quick card to make for a special friend using “Once Upon a Princess” and “Beyond Birthdays” Cricut Cartridges!

Cricut, Create or Expression
“Once Upon a Princess” cartridge
“Beyond Birthdays” cartridge
Off-white premade card (or make your own) measuring 5 ½” x 6”
Black cardstock mat (5 ¼” x 5 ½”)
Flesh toned paper for fairy body
Light peach paper scraps for fairy body
Red and off-white polka dot paper for fairy dress and hat
Teal and light green scraps for tights
Torn paper scraps for layers underneath fairy
Stardust Stickles Glitter
Black and white reversible ribbon – polka dots and stripes
1 straight pin with a colored bead on the top
Red ink for coloring in hair
Soft pink ink for cheeks
Red Marker or red glitter glue for the mouth
Black marker for eyes
Preferred adhesive
Pop dots (or dimensionals!)

1. Attach the black card mat to the front of the off-white card.
2. Using the “Once Upon a Princess” cartridge cut the princess fairy at 4 ½” using the light peach/orange paper for your bottom layer and then cut the top layer of the princess from your preferred flesh toned paper.
3. Ink the light peach/orange hair with the red ink pad to add extra dimension.
4. Attach the flesh toned layer to the top of the peach/orange layer so that the hair shows as in the example above.
5. Cut the dress and hat TWO TIMES EACH using the red and off-white polka dot paper (or your color and pattern preference!) making sure to keep the settings at the same size (4 ½”) for all of your cuts for the princess fairy. Make sure to have the handbook open to find the proper location for the extra layers needed to complete the outfit.
6. Cut the layers for the tights, flag and flowers.
7. Cut the wings once at 4 ½” (top layer) and again at 5” for the shadow/bottom layer. (use the same color/pattern or two different ones for extra Oomph!)
8. Glue the stripes to the tights and attach to the fairy princess.
9. Assemble the dress by stacking the two identical dresses with pop dots (dimensional) in between the dresses. Attach to the fairy princess with adhesive. Curl up the ends to make the dress appear more lifelike.
10. Assemble the hat the same way as the dress by stacking the two identical hats with pop dots in between the hats. Attach to the top of the fairy head by slipping the bottom layer behind the fairy's head to make it look like she is really wearing it.
11. Assemble the flag and add a flower to it.
12. Cut a strip of paper to make the belt for the dress. (The green scallop design was made with a punch!)
13. Tear scraps of paper in random sizes and glue in a random fashion to the front of the card. Once desired look is achieved, attach the fairy princess to the top.
14. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the torn paper mat and knot on the right side a 1/3 of the way down.
15. Using the “Beyond Birthdays” cartridge and your preferred paper choice, cut the phrase “Hello Friend” and attach to the upper right corner of the card.
16. Use a clear glitter glue to highlight the off-white polka dots and any other areas on your card.

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