Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mother's Day Card Using Cricut Cartridge Paisley

“Seriously…” (Inside) “Hoo’s da Mama? YOU ARE! Happy Mother’s Day!” A super cute way to wish YOUR mama a Happy Hootin’ Mother’s Day! This card was made using the “Paisley” Cricut cartridge.

It’s an Olive Juice Studio Original created exclusively for Memory Miser Customers!

Cricut, Create or Expression
“Paisley” cartridge
A2 Embossing folder from the “Welcome Baby” folder and die set
Light pink card measuring (4 ¾” x 5 ½”)
Black cardstock mat measuring (4 ½” x 5 ¼”)
Book page
Scraps of black, pink, light green, yellow and white paper for Cricut cuts
Scrap of torn music paper
Light green lace
Yellow Stickles
A color coordinated brad for flower center
Pop dots (or dimensional!)
Inks in red, light green and light orange or dark yellow

1. Using the “Paisley” cartridge cut the base of of the owl from light pink paper (or your preferred color) at
2 ½”.
2. Next, cut the top layer of the owl using the book page making sure to leave the size set to 2 ½”. (You may need to adjust your blade and pressure some book pages. We set our blade to 4 and our pressure at med).
3. Using your handbook for reference, cut the eyes, feet, flowers and stomach feather stripes. (Remember to adjust your blade and pressure setting if you changed the settings for step 2.)
4. Lightly ink the edges of the pink owl and the pink card with the red ink.
5. Attach the book print top layer of the owl by using pop dots in between the layers.
6. Assemble the eyes by gluing together. Add the eyes to the owl with pop dots.
7. Fill in the beak of the owl with yellow Stickles or your preferred glitter glue.
8. Attach a brad to the center of the flower and then place a pop dot underneath when attaching to the owl’s wing.
9. Attach the owl’s feather stripes to it’s tummy.
10. Lightly ink the feet with the orange/yellow ink and glue to the owl.
11. Attach the finished owl to the card with pop dots.
12. Emboss the black cardstock mat using your Cuttlebug and embossing folder.
13. Attach the black card mat to the center of the pink card front.
14. Cut a piece of music patterned paper to fit the left side of the card and tear the edge on the right side. Lightly ink and curl up the torn edge sides.
15. Wrap the light green lace trim around the black cardstock mat and tie in a knot near the top of the card.
16. Cut the word “seriously…) using the “Paisley” cartridge making sure to use two different colors of paper – one for the shadow and one for the top layer.
17. Decorate the inside any way you like. We used this saying: “ Hoo’s the mama? YOU ARE! Happy Mother’s Day!”

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  1. This is great! A little humor! I love those kinds of cards.